AACEI Recommended Practices

To ensure that you are accessing the current version of each of the AACEI's Recommended Practice documents, the latest revisions are available directly from the AACE International web site. The following link takes you to the Recommended Practices library at AACE International.


10th February 2015Mastering Complex Projects: Principles for Success and Reliable Performance - White PaperEngineers Australia
20th November 2011International Roundup - October 2011ICEC
6th April 2011ICEC International Roundup - March 2011International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC)
31st May 2007Roundup News (Vol. 1 No. 2) May 2007International Cost engineering Council (ICEC)

Newsletter from the International Cost Engineering Council

30th November 2006Roundup News (Vol. 1 No. 1) November 2006International Cost engineering CouncilNewsletter of the International Cost Engineering Council
14th November 2005Australian Cost Engineering Society ConstitutionAustralian Cost Engineering Society National CommitteeIssue 0 dated November 2005
14th November 2005ACES Annual General Meeting - Chairpersons ReportNoel Bear
1st November 2004National Occupational Standards for Project ControlEngineering Construction Industry Training Board, England

These new National Occupational Standards (from the UK)are the most complete \'Body of Competence\' yet created for project control engineers and analysts. They cover best practice in cost estimating, cost control, planning and commercial support activities.